Frequently Asked Questions:

There are many questions which prospective clients of TrackTool™ have. We hope that the answers below will assist you in your understanding of the services that we are able to provide for you.

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Q: Is TrackTool™ easy to use?
A: Yes, TrackTool is very easy to use. It was designed for ease of use.

Q: What is a Claimant Tracking System (CTS)™?
A: CTS is a way for you to be able to organize all information gathered regarding a possible Claimant. This is an advanced CRM (Claimant Management System).

Q: Can I use TrackTool™ with any computer, anywhere?
A: Yes! Since TrackTool is web-based, there are no constraints by time or distance. You can access all of your information in TrackTool instantly, from anywhere. With TrackTool being designed the way it has been, you can utilize this amazing system using any browser.

Q: What makes TrackTool™ special?
A: TrackTool is special because it was designed by someone in the Asset Recovery business that deals with Surplus Funds (also known as Excess Proceeds, Overages, Overbids & Remainders).

Q: Will I be able to utilize TrackTool™ to send and save an email to a particular file?
A: Yes! Not only can you send an email from TrackTool, it also saves that email as part of the Correspondence Center regarding the potential Claimant. It is time and date stamped too!

Q: Can I keep notes on all of the conversations that I have with potential Claimants?
A: Yes! Every one of your notes will become part of your file on that potential Claimant and it will be time and date stamped too so that you never forget what you said and spoke about as well as when

Q: How many claims will I be able to save in a file?
A: You will be able to save 10,000 files within TrackTool.

Q: Will I be able to search by name, address, county, state, phone number or social security number or any other information in TrackTool™?
A: There is a Universal Search Feature within the system and any information input into TrackTool can be searched and found.

Q: How do I add more Users to my account?
A: By having TrackTool, you have 1 user allotted for your account. If you would like to have more Users allowed, then you would add them on the Sign-Up page.

Q: Will I be able to control what the other Users in my TrackTool™ system do?
A: Yes! There is a powerful ‘Permissions’ control panel, which allows you to control what your ‘Team’ can do and see.

Q: Is there a contract for TrackTool™?
A: Not really. We want you to really use TrackTool, so after the 14-day trial, there is a 3-month commitment and then you can go month to month and cancel at any time.

Q: Can the data from TrackTool™ be imported/exported to an excel spreadsheet?
A: Yes it can! As you can see, you not only can import individual and business leads, but you’re able to export them as well because everything is done through Excel.

Q: What types of payment does TrackTool™ accept?
A: MasterCard (MC), Visa, Discover, American Express and Paypal are the most common forms of payment.

Q: Is the data safe and secure?
A: Yes! The data that you have in the system is sensitive and we have gone out of our way (as long as your password is not shared) to keep that information safe.

Q: Can I keep meeting notes when I speak to a Claimant?
A: Yes! This and much more can be done in TrackTool's Correspondence Center. It is time and date stamped too!

Q: Can I attach documents and contracts to contacts?
A: Yes! Any documents that you have that you would like to attach to a file can be done within TrackTool.

Q: Can I track our proposals and deals with TrackTool?
A: Yes! Through TrackTool's proprietary system, you will be able to track every facet of a file.

Q: Can I access my contacts on an iPhone or Android phone?
A: You can. However, TrackTool is not yet mobile friendly, but we are working on it.

Q: Can I set a follow-up task after I enter a note or an email?
A: When you are in the system, you will be reminded.

<!--Q: Will TrackTool notify me when a follow-up is set?
A: Yes! We know how important it is to be timely with your follow-up so you will be able to get an email or text alert to remind you.

--> Q: Can I assign a task to a fellow co-worker?
A: Yes! Any file can be assigned to any User that is within the system.

Q: Can I keep track of the last time I talked to someone?
A: Yes! With the Correspondence Center, all emails and notes are time and date stamped and are in order of the latest correspondence to the earliest so that you are able to keep track of every note and email for a Claimant.

Q: Can I find out how much business we had this month?
A: Within TrackTool, you will be able to run specialized reports that show this information.

Q: Can I access my contacts if I'm using someone else's computer?
A: Absolutely! Since TrackTool is a web-based system, it can be accessed from anyone's computer through your login and password.

Q: Can I store all my contact's contact info?
A: Yes, you can! All of your information can be stored within TrackTool for accessibility with ease of use. You will even be able to store miscellaneous documents and notes.

Q: Will I love the system?
A: We believe that you will! TrackTool has been specifically designed with you in mind so that your entire business is able to be accessed in one place.



  • Getting TrackTool has been the smartest thing that I have done since getting in this business!  It's so simple to use and makes my business run more efficiently.  Thank you for putting out such a great tool.

    R.Smith, Los Angeles, CA

  • I was talking to my wife and I told her that I couldn't wait for TrackTool to come out.  Now that I have it, I couldn't run my business without it!  It saves me so much time and it practically organizes my business for me.  Keeping track of all the information in each file and having it all right there at my ...

    M. Harrington, Reston, VA

  • When I first sat down to take a look at TrackTool, I thought it would be another poor attempt at a CRM.  Man, was I wrong!  TrackTool is literally going to revolutionize the entire dynamic of this business.  Once I started using this system, I can't imagine how I was able to do this business successfully without ...

    S Buige, Concord, NC

  • TrackTool has saved me untold hours of paperwork and keeps my business completely organized.  Using TrackTool has been very easy and keeps my business on track, allowing me to make more money in less time.

    J Roberts, Charlotte, NC

  • After seeing and using TrackTool, you'd have to be in another world if you decided not use this amazing system!  It has simplified my business and has made it so organized, I can finally see my desk and not have scraps of paper everywhere.

    S Pileggi, Las Vegas, NV

  • Using TrackTool has made contacting people and accessing information on potental claimants easy and I am able to do it from anywhere.  Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that has made my life easier since I've been in the Asset Recovery business!

    F Lewicki, Phiiadelphia, PA

  • To me, TrackTool has been a Godsend.  I'm able to keep everything in one place for each lead that I have and the ability to really keep complete track of a possible claim.  I'm able to also see my potential profit on all of my deals.  This is great!

    S. Gupta, Aurora, IL

  • Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool for us in this business.  Nothing that I have ever found even remotely comes close.  This system allows me to make additional money part time because I do other things.  I have the capabilty of doing what I need to in TrackTool.  Whether it's an email to the Claimant ...

    B. Monroe, Lakeview Terrace, CA

  • When I was first hearing about this, I thought to myself that this was just something for me to buy and it was just hype.  After using it even a little and seeing how powerful a system this really was, I thought "wow" this is amazing.  What it allows me to do, I always know where I am in my business and how much I st ...

    J. Mondejar, Hyattesville, MD

  • Why?  Why was my desk and around my computer screen full of yellow sticky notes?  Because I didn't have a system in place to keep all of my information.  That is until I started using TrackTool.  Thank you for keeping my desk clean and myself on Track!

    D. Parkinson, Brooklyn, NY

  • Wow!  I can say more, but I don't need to.  At first I thought, "great, another gimmick".  Hey free for 14 days?  Who doesn't like free?  I figured out that I would try it out.  I am so glad that I did, I immediately paid for the year.  One of the best investments that I've made in my business!  Rig ...

    D. Williams, Fresno, CA

  • This system has been absolutely amazing for me.  I've been able to keep all of my information on claimants in one place and know how much money that I could possibly make!  No more spreadsheets and no more sticky notes.  What a blessing to have TrackTool in this business!

    P. Patten, Columbus, GA

  • I wish I would have had Tracktool when I first started in this business over 7 years ago. Would have saved me hours of labor and kept me from losing deals due to lack of organization.   I started out using google spreadsheets and needless to say it was an organizational nightmare. One of the problems was ...

    N. Fullmer, Pleasant Grove, UT

  • Finally a robust software that includes everything needed to run my business without having to use other software systems. It has all the features I need in a CRM and keeps everything in one place which makes my life much easier. The automation features and DocuFill™ feature are fantastic tools that save me so ...

    T. Gauthier, Altamonte Springs, FL

  • You've got to invest in Track Tool!   Track Tool is Super Easy to use. It's the ULTIMATE CRM, because there's nothing out there like it. In the past, I had to go to multiple websites; now everything is in one place. It makes contacting the claimant much easier, especially with the follow-up ...

    T. Black, Ellicot City, MD

  • Wow!  Leads, skip tracing, merging of skip tracing data.  Everything is at my fingertips and all of my paperwork is automatically filled out for me, saving me lots of time!  I love TrackTool and how easy it is to use compared to other sytems that I've looked at and don't have these features.  Speaking of fe ...

    J. Miller, Shelby, SC

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